Why We Can’t Attract Our Purpose

We all want to achieve something; we all want to do what we want in life. We like to chase after objectives. Some call that having a purpose in life. And this purpose is often transformed into a dream. On the one hand, some say, throw yourself into the water and...

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Emotions and Consciousness

According to natural law, we humans have emotions. We cry, that’s an emotion. When a baby needs to eat, it cries so that it is given something to eat. There are emotions, for instance, when we start to fall in love. There are emotions when we are in pain. So, emotions...

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Consciousness & the Stubborn Child

A stubborn child is a child whom you tell, I already bought you an ice-cream, but the child isn’t happy with that ice cream, he wants another ice-cream. That child is stubborn. It’s the conscience. Why is the conscience like a child? Because the conscience is the...

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