According to natural law, we humans have emotions. We cry, that’s an emotion. When a baby needs to eat, it cries so that it is given something to eat. There are emotions, for instance, when we start to fall in love. There are emotions when we are in pain. So, emotions exist one way or another. If you belong to the light, you have the emotions of the light. If you belong to the darkness, you have the emotions of the darkness. Quite simply, a person is emotional, even though those emotions are linked to your desires. For instance, if you manage to complete your studies, you feel excited.

The thing is not to fight your own self in life. If you feel angry, and you think about how to rid yourself of that emotion, that feeling of anger oftentimes is part of us. The important thing is to have discernment so that that emotion doesn’t reign over us. That’s the most important thing.

To understand our emotions, the first thing I’d like to touch on is consciousness. When someone believes that the universe is pure consciousness (perception or awareness), and that they are part of the consciousness (inner self, the watcher, the ego) of the universe, that is to say that we are all creation, for me that is blind because consciousness is like a dog that you need to put in its place. You need to train it. (THE INTELLECTUAL PART – AWARENESS OF THE MIND OF SELF AND THE UNIVERSE) For example, a millionaire is conscious. The person who sends missiles to destroy other nations is conscious, too. His consciousness tells him that war is necessary. His consciousness tells him that without war we cannot control; without war they cannot have what they want which is power.

The same is true of someone living in poverty. An impoverished person’s consciousness tells him that God created him as a poor person, that he needs to be a slave in order to exist. The rich person says, Have a conscience, why should the poor take away from me what’s mine? Let them work! I want us all to have a conscience. The universe is like that, then.

Let’s take countries outside of our own country as an example. With respect, I’m going to use India as an example. What would happen if the whole universe were pure consciousness, if creation, if all of us were part of the universe, i.e. God himself? There wouldn’t be any need. There wouldn’t be hunger in India, Africa or Guatemala. There wouldn’t be depression. There wouldn’t be beggars even in developed countries.

When we speak of consciousness, it’s something that is programmed, it’s distorted. It’s something that wants to understand instead of seeing reality. That’s why in my country I am working to help people to make a small shift in their consciousness. That’s why consciousness is like a dog. It’s only interested in itself. It’s only interested in having a bone. If the dog has a bone it is happy, and if it doesn’t it isn’t. Forgive the use of a dog as an example. Yet when the dog has a bone it falls silent. We humans don’t. When we obtain a bone, we want more bones.

What happens, then, if we believe that we are consciousness, the universe itself? If that were so, we’d be attracting our own selves. We would be attracting our own power. It’s like metal. Metal is the metal itself. It can attract another metal and that can’t create anything over her, except what it could cause there is destroy it then unite, destroy and reunite over time.

The same with emotions. When a person has an emotion that is harming him inside him, there are two things to distinguish. I always bring a couple. When a couple are in love, everything is ok, but when something happens between them and they leave each other, he says she is bad, and vice versa, and the person doesn’t heal. they can go with all the therapists in the world. They can go, and fly and cross seas on their knees abut they won’t find a solution.

The important thing is to identify what you have done to the other person. What have you destroyed in that person? That is what we have to see first. I’m not talking about blame/guilt, but we have to see reality. Blaming ourselves is one thing. For instance, if someone has robbed or someone has raped, and you Say it as me, that is a guilt that you shouldn’t have, but also to be a person a true light, a person who really shines with light and not just is gold plated but is pure gold can who says
I did that. I did that to that person.
When a person says that, they start to feel something inside them, deep. It’s like a flower. When you see you harmed someone, it starts to open, something starts to bud inside, you, something lovely. It’s not that you’re doing something magical. You’re not hallucinating, No It’s something real. The magic, it’s a power or recognition, the recognition of what we are damaging in others. For me, and my Mayan ancestors, emotions don’t exist. It appears like the cloud, it appears simply like something that suddenly crossed. The problem is when you allow that emotion to repose inside you and it covers you like a blanket. That is the error of the human being, allowing that those emotions…
There are emotions that destroy x 2.
Equally, when a person wants to create something…yes, say…

I want to give an example. A few days ago, a certain commentator was telling people: Do what you want. He preaches a lot about the law of attraction. And during a boxing match, he mentioned Connor McGregor. He mentioned dhow Connor manages the Law of A. The first thing in this case is to not be simply blind. We need to look at the capacity of that man. First, his capacity, secondly his opportunities. That’s what we need to consider. He isn’t just saying, I want to do such a thing and I’m going to achieve it, but he also has his possibilities. We’re not going to say TO a young PERSON INA COUNTRY WHERE THEY SCARCELY FIND A CRUMB OF BREAD EVERY DAY.

When a person runs behind people like that who say that the law of attraction works and runs, what happens is they fall into a depression. I have known so many people who fall into a depression, even millionaires. Why? Because they went behind something that doesn’t work in that way, to say, that thing I’m going to obtain that thing because of the law of attraction, you’re going to be disappointed/despair. There are many people on the point of committing suicide.
You can’t believe simply in something that you believed and achieved. If you achieved, it, how good, all of us, there are Seven Billion in the world, and each one has his probabilities. I can’t tell someone, I came out of the well, and so also my companions came of the well alive where the army had thrown us, 116 children, and where I was the only survivor.

We can’t give people false hopes. And don’t let them give you false hopes, rather look at your capacity., You have great talents and gifts that yes, you’re going to achieve. IN the world, you want to kill, you’ll achieve it. If you want to laugh, you’ll laugh.

You want to be rich, you’ll be able to be rich, depending where you are. Depending how strategic you are, not because simply you’re going to say. The millions who live in India want to be rich. But according to science, life has been on this earth for millions of years, Evolution is very slow/lengthy.

So, we need to differentiate important things in life makes us wiser, makes us wiser. What happens if I look in the water and e=see the sky in the water and I say, there’s the sky. No., Look at it well, and you’ll see the real water, and you can see the depth of the water, that at simple look you’re simply seeing the refection of the sky in the water, which not is the sky rather the sky is up there.

It’s like the mirror. I look at myself in the mirror I’m not there in the mirror. I’m not there in the mirror. I’m outside of the mirror.

Emotions are the same. Emotions can, it’s simply part of life. They can simply exist over there but it’s not something that reigns over your life.
The most important thing is to do not just what we want in life. Look at the world. Go out of your four walls. Let’s go out of the 4 walls, you and I, and let’s see that the world too thought they had a purpose, but that purpose has led them to kill millions of people in the world.

You may say, well, what I’m doing isn’t killing anyone; my purpose isn’t an atomic bomb. Of course not. But it could be an obstacle for the atomic bomb that others are creating. Look because you have eyes. Listen because you have ears.

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