We all want to achieve something; we all want to do what we want in life. We like to chase after objectives. Some call that having a purpose in life. And this purpose is often transformed into a dream.

On the one hand, some say, throw yourself into the water and you’ll achieve your purpose. That way of doing things appears challenging. Others say, what you need to do is synchronise yourself with what you want, attract what you want. The important thing here is not just to go with a way of thinking or listen to those who tell you to dive in at the deep end or to follow the coincidences. It’s very important to reflect beforehand.

Synchronising our life is attracting something temporarily. When you do this, it’s like a piece of metal attracting another piece of metal. When two pieces of metal join, over time they rust, and that rust destroys them both. They separate, but they are no longer as they were before; instead, they are in pieces.

None of us intentionally does this with our dreams or purpose. Too many of us think we’d like something with many changes in life; if not, we’ll get bored. If your purpose is happiness, would you get bored of being happy? I don’t think so. That’s not it. Consequently, to seek our purpose in life we first need to look at, what kind of house do I want? What kind of materials do I want to build it with?

The house needs to be unique, it needs to be something suitable for me, that I fit in. It needs to represent what I really want for my life. This is wanting to achieve our purpose in life.

The first step, then, is to see what I want and what materials I need, because we can’t be open to everything. We’ll get confused. It’s like a child with many toys in front of her. She doesn’t know which one to play with, they all look good. With toys, a child can play a little with each of them without any problems, but when we’re talking about a purpose we want to realise in life it requires a great deal of discernment.

The first step, then, is discernment. I need to discern what I really want. I can’t attract discernment. I can’t attract wisdom because who in this world hasn’t wanted wisdom? We all desire it, but it can’t be attracted. Love even less so. For example, love is something that doesn’t depend on a couple. It isn’t created in the moment you meet a partner. If so, it wouldn’t exist. Instead, it’s a fire that is turned on inside us, a seed that needs to be sown, that needs to be cultivated in us. So, when you have love, you’re less foolish because what love does is it transforms you. And when I say it transforms you I mean it burns what it doesn’t like. This is the path of seeking your purpose in life. It’s looking before you leap with great discernment.

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